We let the kids open sibling gifts this morning and the 8yo received a water game, some bubble gum, and a multi-tool. He was so excited. “Dad, these gifts are perfect! They are from my three favorite categories—weapons, games, and food.” 😂

My wife and my therapist are two of the most amazing women I know. I feel so damn lucky to have them in my life. 😍

Today, for day 3 of #LightTheWorld, I wanted to share what brought me calm and peace in a turbulent weekend. Rediscovering coloring books was wonderful and exactly what I needed. 🖍

Mandala coloring pages

Starting a little late, but I want to post for day 2 of #LightTheWorld that the person who represents Christlike love to me is my sweet mother-in-law. She is tireless in serving others. I feel so lucky to be part of her family. 🥰

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am most grateful for my family, especially my fantastic wife. She is a tremendous support and a great partner. I feel so lucky to have her in my life. 😍 #GiveThanks

I feel incredibly grateful for a job today, and especially the one I have with O.C. Tanner. As all jobs are, it is hard at times and pushes me to stretch and grow. I get to be with great people and focus on improving the lives of people at work. 🥰 #GiveThanks

Today, I’m feeling grateful for LEGO Harry Potter on the Nintendo Switch. 😆 It’s been a fun way to unwind lately and has good for my mental health. #GiveThanks

Today, I feel grateful for my boss Mel Tingey. He is the best leader I have ever had, and is a fantastic support to me. I love working with him and continue to grow and develop as I do. #GiveThanks

Today I am feeling grateful for my wife and her creative use of space. We have rearranged our small house and it is feeling great to have a quiet spot of our own amidst the chaos. #GiveThanks

One thing I am grateful for today is that I found a great small office space to rent to start getting a little more separation between work and home. Looking forward to getting set up and having somewhere to go for work. #GiveThanks

Today, I am grateful to have found a therapist that is the right fit. It makes all the difference. #GiveThanks

Early Christmas! My wife commissioned a custom Star Wars one line drawing from the talented Melissa Mae (@heymelissamae), and I couldn’t more thrilled. Now I just have to make sure no one breathes on it!

Whew! That was one of the most exciting college football games I’ve seen in a long time. Notre Dame knocks off Clemson in double overtime. 🏈 🎉

I was struck as I drove my daughter to class this morning that she can vote in the next election. 😲 I feel old. 👴🏼

“I voted” Utah suffrage sticker

In many ways, I still don’t fully understand the appeal of watching baseball. But I did it. Congrats to the Dodgers for winning the World Series! ⚾️

I loved this reminder of the great truth from The Little Prince from one of my favorite podcasts, Checking In with Susan David:

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.

📖 🎧 Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy Chaos Rising

By Timothy Zahn